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Types of Disposable Protective Clothing

We are Isolation Gown Manufacturer supplier,There are mainly PPE Isolation ,Gown PE Isolation Gown, Disposable Gowns ,Lab Coveralls Protective Suit ,Disposable Gown ,Disposable Protective Clothing,medical protective clothing.
Medical protective clothing, 360 degree all-round protection. Coveralls with elastic hood, elastic wrists and elastic ankles provide a comfortable fit and secure protection from harmful particles. Enhanced breathability and long-lasting comfort. PPSB laminated with PE film provides excellent protection. This workwear provides workers with enhanced durability, breathability and comfort.
The isolation gown material is made of PP+PE material and is generally used in hospitals, clinics, home cleaning, food factories and other application scenarios.
Laboratory protective clothing is made of PP, SMS, SF, mainly used in laboratories, chemical experiments, can effectively prevent harmful particles from entering, and has strong breathability, which is not affected during work.
The split protective clothing is made of PP+SMS material and is mainly used in food factories, household cleaning and sterile workshops.

Protective clothing product details

Antivirus protective clothing
Medical Protective Clothing

Material: non-woven fabric
Function: virus protection
Model: M-XXXL
color: White
Weight: 65-80g
Packing: Individually packaged, 50/carton
Style: One Piece, Hooded One Piece, Zippered, Cuffs, Elastic at Waist

Isolation Gown
PPE Isolation Gown

Material: PP,SMS,PP+PE
Function:Dust and stain proof
Model: Long section
color: blue, yellow, green, white
Weight: 45g
Packing: 10 pieces/bag 100 pieces/carton
Style: round neck reverse dress

Laboratory Protective Clothing
Disposable Protective Clothing

Material: PP,SMS,SF
Function:laboratory, food, chemical
Model: M-XXXL
color: white blue black
Weight: 25g-65g
Packing: 10 pieces/bag 100 pieces/carton
Style: With hat, without hat/with or without foot cover optional

Split Protective Clothing
Disposable Gown

Material: PP,SMS
Function: Farm, dust-free workshop
Model: M-XXXL
color: blue,green
Weight: 65-80g
Packing: 10 pieces/bag 100 pieces/carton
Style: split type

Size Introduction

Conjoined model size

Specification Body Length Chest Sleeve Length Cuff Foot Mouth Deviation
S 165 120 84 18 24 ±2
M 169 125 86 18 24 ±2
L 173 130 90 18 24 ±2
XL 178 135 93 18 24 ±2
XXL 181 140 96 18 24 ±2
XXXL 188 145 99 18 24 ±2

Split style size

Specification Shirt's Size Chest Pants Length Waistline Suggest Deviation
S 76 120 105 100-105 155-160 ±2
M 78 125 108 105-110 160-165 ±2
L 80 130 111 110-115 165-170 ±2
XL 82 135 114 115-120 170-175 ±2
XXL 84 140 117 120-125 175-180 ±2
XXXL 86 145 120 125-130 180+ ±2

Application Scenarios

Upper body effect of protective clothing
Wear protective clothing for spraying
Pesticide Spraying
Operating room protective clothing
Operating Room
laboratory protective clothing
Dust-free Workshop
food protective clothing
Milk Workshop
home protective clothing
Home Hygiene
Testing water quality protective clothing
Engineering inspection
Breeding protective clothing
Breeding Farm

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No, it is made of polyethylene breathable film and polypropylene non-woven fabric, which is highly breathable and waterproof.

Our medical protective clothing is individually packaged, and civilian use is a pack of 10.

Our protective clothing has many colors, white, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, etc.

Virus protection, dust-free workshop, laboratory, operating room, food factory, car painting, farm, household hygiene and so on.

Our protective clothing is made of polyethylene breathable film and polypropylene non-woven fabric, which is resistant to tearing and pulling.

Yes, you need to provide us the corresponding size can be customized.

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