New crown self-test box

Types of Self-test box

There are 4 types of our self-test kits, namely swab antigen rapid test (1 person), swab antigen rapid test (5 people), saliva antigen rapid test (1 person), nasal swab/sputum (5 people) ).
The self-test box can detect whether the human body is infected with the new coronavirus, which is of great help to the prevention and control of the epidemic.
1. Open the package of the new crown reagent, there are a total of 5 things: the instruction manual, the test box in green and white packaging, the test agent in the transparent bag, a small test tube, and finally a very thin cotton swab
2. According to the instructions, first open the liquid reagent and put it into a small test tube
3. Insert the cotton swab into the nostril. The manual says to insert it into the nose at least 2.5cm, and measure it yourself. The most intuitive feeling is that if you want to cry or sneeze, that’s almost it. Both nostrils must be operated, each turning three or four times.
4. Dip the cotton swab into the previous reagent and select three or four circles.
5. Cover the small test tube, align it with the circular hole at the bottom of the test box, and drop two or three drops.
6. Wait quietly for the result.
How to view test results:
Positive results: red or purple bands are displayed at both “C” and “T”, and the color of the band at “T” can be dark or light, all of which are positive results.
Negative Result: Red or purple band at “C”, no band at “T”.
Invalid result: No red or purple band is displayed at “C”, regardless of whether a band is displayed at “T”. If the result is invalid, you need to take the test strip and test again.

Self-test box product details

Swab Antigen Rapid Test(1 Person)
Swab Antigen Rapid Test(5 Person)
Saliva Antigen Rapid Test(1 Person)
Nasal swab / Sputum (5 Person)

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